THE BLACK DAFFODIL is the best destination to one of a kind pieces from all around the world.
The project celebrates the power of individuality, the power of underlining the personality, while offering you timeless and beautifully crafted items.
Inventive, refined, minimalist, eccentric, mysterious and chic are our key values.
THE BLACK DAFFODIL aims at finding wearable statements, art-to-wear, making them play together in a one and only universe, for the many.

THE BLACK DAFFODIL is a one woman-business, a long thought-out project of a passionate fashion professional.
After several years working for high-end companies, she decided to tell her own vision of fashion and style, the one of individuality, the one of creativity.
Known by her entourage for constantly unearthing amazing rare designers’ pieces, a curator was born.

Driven by the will to tell a story where all parts of the body may be adorned and in many ways, her mission then became promoting high potential accessories designers.
Her personal universe puts together any accessories to layer or accentuate any outfit, while underlining the personality of the wearer.

Our favorite Quote : "It's all about the Accessorizing"